Alpine Duct Cleaning focuses on delivering reliable service and aspires to provide highly satisfying professional work to our customers. Our expert staff are selected for their integrity, cleanliness, problem-solving skills, communication and talent.
Alpine Duct Cleaning focuses its efforts on meeting the cleaning demands for the HVAC sector and clothes dryer appliances. Our services do not involve any alterations, additions or maintenance work hence we do not try to gain any beneficial interest by trying to “upsell” you unnecessary extra services.

Staff members are highly proficient in HVAC systems and are familiar with how they function, so if any problems are detected during cleaning, we ensure that we communicate this to the customer.
Unlike many other service providers in the air-duct cleaning niche, Alpine Duct Cleaning utilizes the latest, ultra-modern cleaning technology that effectively reduces debris that has accumulated from soot, pollen, pet dander, drywall dust, sawdust, allergens and other kinds of airborne pollutants.
We have gradually established ourselves as a reputable service provider in the Las Vegas and Henderson region due to our ability to consistently complete work within the scheduled time frame, our prompt arrival and our strict adherence to precautionary measures and safety to ensure that nothing gets damaged during the cleaning or set-up process. And, we always leave the project site spotless after doing our job. Alpine Duct Cleaning is the best choice for your air duct cleaning, air conditioner, registers/grilles, vent/dryer ducts or furnace/heater cleaning requirements.

Reasons To Choose Alpine Duct Cleaning

We recognize the importance of staying in a business or home environment that has clean and fresh air and understand the positive impact this has on your overall well-being and health.
Besides offering effective professional service, we emphasize respect and courtesy as key values that always guide our interactions with customers whenever they trust us with the job of cleaning their business or home.
We have a cordial and proficient team that focuses on meeting the needs of the customers satisfactorily by being reliable, dependable, friendly and arriving on schedule.
For this reason, we are dedicated to offering excellent and professional air duct cleaning that is quick and productive.
We are open to answering any questions you have, and looking forward for you to book an appointment with us!


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