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Did you know, that if left uncleaned, your air conditioner could be overworking unnecessarily? As a result, your energy bills will surge up, not to mention you’re putting additional strain on your air conditioner which could eventually lead to failure if not taken care of immediately. In Las Vegas, a broken AC is the last thing you’d like to have!

In fact, your air conditioner may be overworking right now and you wouldn’t have any idea this is happening! Its exposure to different elements such as flower seeds, dust, pollen, and pine needles – all this gunk prevents the AC’s vent and airflow system which is also a common cause of the malfunction. What’s worse is when the wind blows all of these elements further, this is the time that you’ll notice your electricity bill suddenly going up and your AC will start experiencing problems.

What can you do? For starters, you can always hire air conditioner cleaning services, like what we do here at Alpine Duct Cleaning. Our mission is to make sure that your AC unit is cleaned yearly and watch for any the possible future problems that may occur. A routine maintenance inspection will also be performed to ensure that your unit is in its best shape. Cleaning your air conditioning system, including the coils, ensures you that your unit will be at its most efficient state, not to mention it’ll help you save money.

Check your unit’s user manual and warranty; most manufacturers suggest that you perform annual maintenance to avoid further problems. Do not skip this step – there are chances that your warranty may be voided if you do not maintain your AC at least once a year. With that being said, do not hesitate to contact us today so we can inspect and clean your AC unit to maintain the validity of your unit’s warranty.

When is the best time to clean your AC unit?

Spring is often the best time since we need it in preparation for the summer season. The hot summer months are coming so you would want to make sure that your air conditioner is running at its best and works efficiently. If spring is over and you still haven’t had it cleaned, any time of the year is perfect – in fact, getting it cleaned today is better than too late!

How Will I Know if My AC Unit Needs to be Cleaned?

Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell whether your air conditioning system needs a cleaning, here’s a question you can ask yourself: 

When was the last time that you had your air conditioner cleaned? If you don’t know, it’s about time to call an air conditioning service for an inspection. As mentioned earlier, cleaning it at least once a year is important to maintain its efficiency. We at Alpine Duct Cleaning are serious about ensuring that your AC units are in its tip-top shape. So if you still haven’t had your unit cleaned ever since you got it, now’s the best time to schedule a routine check. 

On the other hand, if you’re aware of when the last cleaning was performed, make sure that you do not wait for more than 12 months to schedule your next cleaning.

If you’ve noticed that your air conditioner takes longer than usual to cool the room, please continue reading.

How Important is it to Clean my AC Unit?

There are numerous benefits of getting your air conditioning systems cleaned regularly. If you allow us to help you with your needs, here are some of the benefits you can expect:

1. You Can Significantly Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Elements that could be clogging your AC’s coils and other parts can make your AC unit work harder and less efficient. If your unit is clean, you can be assured that it’s working efficiently, which means that it’ll be consuming less energy and fewer energy costs for you.

2. Increased Comfort

Your air conditioner’s main job is to provide you comfort especially during those hot summer months. A dirty air conditioning unit may not be able to cool down your home quickly, not to mention, you may notice that your room may start to get more humid and even hotter than what it is supposed to be. To ensure comfort, cleaning your air conditioning system must be on the top of your list

3. Prevent Further Problems

Just like any machine, dust particles can potentially damage your air-conditioning unit and may cause more problems. If you’ve noticed that your AC unit has been collecting gunk, give us a call immediately so we can perform inspections and address current problems preventing AC breakdowns. If you have opted to have your unit cleaned before the summer season, you’re most likely to enjoy the hot summer months without experiencing interruptions.

4. Extends Your AC Unit’s Life

Come to think of it this way, anything that’s been neglected won’t have a long life span. If you keep your air conditioner clean regularly, you don’t have to worry about your unit breaking down, and you can expect it to last you longer! Cleaning is cheaper versus buying a brand new air conditioning unit. 

​Why Choose Alpine Duct Cleaning?

We pride ourselves to be one of the industry leaders in cleaning AC units, with our extensive years of experience in the business. If you require someone to clean, repair or inspect your air conditioner unit, give us a call today! Here are some of the things that you can expect from us:

1. Extensive Experience – We have been in the industry for years and have handled different AC types and models. Regardless of what AC unit you have, expect that we can take care of it for you.

2. Professional Team – Our team has been trained to show the utmost professionalism, from the moment you give us a call until someone shows up to your home until the job is finished.

3. Trained Professionals – Our AC technicians are fully equipped with the knowledge and have gone through the latest training in terms of AC cleaning, repair, and inspection. Whether you have an old model or the latest AC model, have the peace of mind that we can guarantee satisfaction no matter what.

4. Expert Cleaning Services – We make sure that we’ll thoroughly clean your air conditioning unit, and at the same time, handle it with utmost care. As long as the unit’s in our hands, they’ll be taken care of properly.

Give us a call today so we can help you with your AC cleaning needs and services – and to keep you and your entire family cool!

Alpine Duct Cleaning provides the type of air conditioner cleaning Las Vegas, Nevada residents can count on for AC cleaning, coil cleaning, commercial and residential, and more in Las Vegas, Henderson, and more. Call us today at (702) 930-2612!


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