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At Alpine Duct Cleaning, we provide high-quality Las Vegas air duct cleaning services to residential homes and commercial businesses within the Greater Las Vegas metropolitan and surrounding Valley areas.

Have you noticed any dusty vents in your house? Do you feel that your Furnace system and/or Air Conditioner is struggling to get your home to the proper temperature?

Or perhaps you have recently had a new home renovation or construction project. May you are simply feeling stuff, or the indoor air seems stale.

You might have allergies bothering you or maybe a loved one has this issue that isn’t going away and is starting to become a serious problem.

If any of the above apply to you, then you might be a good candidate to have an air duct inspection and cleaning.

In order to dramatically reduce airborne contaminants such as mold, allergens, pollen, and dust from your HVAC heating and air conditioning system, having Alpine Dream Clean perform Air Duct Cleaning in your Las Vegas area home or business is the answer to these problems.

Indoor air pollution is one of the leading environmental health risks in the United States and may affect your health at work and at home..


  • You or a loved one have allergies that aren’t going away

  • You have concerns about dust, mold, or other allergens in the air you breathe

  • Your Air Conditioner runs a lot – and your electrical bill is very high

  • You moved into a new home or had a renovation

  • Your home or business seems to have “stale air”

Why Should I Get My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Reason #1 – Cleaner, safer air to breathe

Are you bothered by your allergies year-round, even after allergy season is done? There might be pet dander, pollen, and dust hiding inside of your air ducts. These irritants continue to recirculate throughout your house in an endless cycle. Have you noticed any small particles floating through the air whenever they spark in the sunlight? If you were to look under a microscope, it would really shock you to see all of the tiny particles that are in the air. 

Dander, dust, and allergens continue to accumulate inside your vents and ducts – which means you continue to breathe recycled dust every day. 

This is where Alpine Duct Cleaning truly shines. We use our very own Extreme Clean system that begins by using a high-powered vacuum to suck out dander, pollen, and dust from your cooling and heating returns and vents. Next, we sanitize all of your ducts for additional cleaning of any remaining residue and dirt. All of the grime and dirt is collected in sealed containment bins that we haul away.

You will soon notice an additional bonus: The air inside of your business or home will smell fresher and cleaner. Most important of all, with the allergens reduced, your air will be cleaner to breathe.

Having a dirty duct system can lead to more allergens and poor air quality in your office or home. Cleaning the ducts on a regular basis will provide cleaner air and also reduce the allergens and dust that have built-up each time you run your furnace or air conditioner. .

Alpine Duct Cleaning “Extreme Clean” system cleans and sanitizes your business or home ductwork to dramatcially reduce allergens and irritants that can cause sneezing and coughing, and also help to reduce:
  • Strange Odor
  • Mildew and Mold
  • Viruses and Bacteria
  • Pet Odors and Dander
  • Dust
  • ​Pollen
  • Other deterrents to good Air Quality 

Reason #2 – Improve The Efficiency of Your Heating And Cooling Systems and SAVE MONEY!

Whenever your HVAC system is forced to run harder and longer, you are placing more stress on your system. That means it is going to wear out sooner, which will force you to replace your air conditioner or furnace sooner than you were expecting. It is a major expense that you want to avoid if at all possible. No one I know wants to have to spend $8,000 on a brand new air conditioner.
And no one likes throwing their hard-earned money away on expensive repairs or high utility bills. Alpine Duct Cleaning will help to keep your system operating efficiently by reducing the contaminants and dust from all of your duct-work. You will have a more efficient HVAC system and cleaner air.
You can avoid early repair expenses, reduce energy use, save money, and sleep peacefully at night knowing that there are fewer allergens and less pollen floating in the air. .

Just think what happens when your AC unit, furnace, or air ducts are dirty?

Think about the way your HVAC system works. You set the temperature that is ideal for you. Your Air Conditioner turns on once it gets too warm and reduces the temperature to your setting. Just think about how much longer it will take if you have clogged air ducts.

The AC turns on but is unable to push air into the room efficiently. It takes a lot longer to reduce the temperature to your preferred level, which means the AC has to run longer. That will quickly increase your electric and gas bills.  

How does cleaning out your air ducts help to reduce your energy usage?

When vents and ducts are dirty it creates resistance to the airflow. The blower needs to work a lot harder to move the air. Cooling and heated air gets trapped inside of the duct-work rather than freely flowing into the areas where you need it. That resistance can cost you a lot of money on your utility bills. 

All machines need to have routine maintenance performed on them to stay at maximum efficiency. As your vents and ducts fill up with dander and dust, they will become increasingly less efficient. Back pressure is produced, which forces your air conditioner and furnace to work harder. The harder they have to work, the more quickly they break down. You probably don’t want to have to pay to replace your air conditioner in the middle of a hot summer day!

Alpine Duct Cleaning provides the type of air duct cleaning Las Vegas Nevada residents can count on for air vent cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and more in Las Vegas, Henderson, and more. Call us today at (702) 930-2612​!

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